Along with tangos, bulerías is a favorite form for gypsies and flamencos in general to jam on when they get together. It has a fast, syncopated rhythm based on soleares, but it has a lot of variations. The name comes from the Spanish word burlar, which means “to mock.” Supposedly the form came from an old flamenco singer named Loco Mateo, or Mad Matthew, who used to speed up his soleares at the end and then make fun of other singers.


Letras (lyrics):

En la calle nueva / In the new street
Hay una almacén / There is a grocer’s
Ay donde venden azucar / Where they sell sugar
Ay, ay, manteca, cafe / Butter and coffee

En un cuartito los dos / In a small room the two of us
Veneno que tú tomabas / Poison that you took
Veneno tomaba yo / Poison that I took

Dicen las gentes de mi / People say of me
Que no te echo cuenta / That I don’t pay attention to you
Y hasta de ti me olvido / And even that I’ve forgotten you
Lo que no saben / What they don’t know
Que me vuelve loco / That I go crazy
Si no te tengo conmigo / If you’re not with me

Eres bonita / You’re pretty
No te has casado / You haven’t married
Alguna faltita / Some small fault
Te han encontrado / They’ve found in you

Dame la chaquetilla / Give me the jacket
Y toma los calzones / Take the underwear
Toma la chaquetilla / Take the jacket
Dame los calzones / Give me the underwear