The deepest of the deep song, siguiriyas is typically about profound loss. It is one of the more challenging forms to sing, with long, drawn out syllables and an unusual rhythm.


Letras (lyrics):

No te miro a la cara / I do not look you in the face
Que miedo me da / Because it frightens me
Los puñalitos / The little daggers
Que en tus ojitos habia / In your eyes
Me quieren matar / Want to kill me

A la del Desamparo / To the Virgin of the Defenseless
Yo le estoy pidiendo / I pray
Que me aliviara estas duquelas / To soothe the pains
Que yo estoy sufriendo / That I am suffering

Desde la Porveda / From the Porveda*
Hasta Santiago / To Santiago
Las duquelitas de la muerte / The torments of death
Se me arrodearon / Surrounded me

* A street in Jerez, Spain