The Spanish progressive rock trio Triana recorded this song in 1974 on their first album Hijos del Agobio. Their form of rock was based on flamenco as well as blues and jazz, which makes their sound distinct. This song tells of a man leaving his home in search of himself, realizing with a profound sense of loss everything he is leaving behind, including security and his love.


Letras (lyrics):

El día que yo salí / The day that I left
En busca de mi vida / In search of my life
Y de mi yo / And of myself
Algo grande sentí en mí / I felt something great in me
Cuando miré hacia atrás / When I looked back
Y dije adiós / And said goodbye

Sentimiento de amor / Feeling of love
Que me llevó de ti / That you brought me
Una ilusión / A hope

Quedó atrás un porvenir / I left behind a future
Una seguridad / A security
Un qué sé yo / One that I know
Ese momento comprendí / That moment I understood
Pequeñas cosas que tienen / Little things that have
Un gran valor / A great value

Sentimiento de amor / Feeling of love
Que me lleva hacia ti / That brings me to you
Con mi dolor / With my sorrow